Fast and precise:


Piezo actuators:
ultra precise motion in time and space

In the past decades piezo actuation has been developed from more or less exotic scientific fields (mostly coherent optics, laser technology) towards a well established technology covering nearly all scientific and engineering applications, where highest precision and dynamics and shortest reaction times are needed.

This capability will be a key necessity for optimizing a lot of technological processes towards an ecological and sustainable bright future.

PIEZOMECHANIK is a world-wide well known supplier for piezo actuation products since several decades. Let us know your ideas and we will assist you to get the proper solutions.

Product range

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Piezo actuators

  • Ranging from bare elements for space-saving designs up to contained versions
  • Wide spectrum of size
  • Suitable for exotic driving conditions.
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Electronics / amplifiers

Using the full potential of piezo-actuators regarding precision and dynamics requires a proper power supply with regard to voltage range, current (power), noise, well adapted to your application.

Guidelines for designers and engineers

How to think in piezomechanics

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A few basics about cofired monolithic piezo-ceramic actuators and chips regarding handling, properties, modifications, technology

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More details on PZT- actuating structures, operating parameters, design aspects, “must not”s and the interaction between PZT-actuators and attached mechanics as well as the importance of a well-adapted electronics  to get the optimum performance out of your system