The innovative motion control:


Electrical power supplies

  • Product image: Analogue amplifiers SVR150/x

    Analogue amplifiers SVR150/x

    • Low power for ultra precision positioning
    • Semi-bipolar wide voltage range: -30 V / +150 V
    • Current output: up to 60 mA
    • Very low noise
  • Product image: Analogue amplifier LE150/100

    Analogue amplifier LE150/100

    • High power for enhanced dynamics, peak current 1000 mA
    • Very high bandwidth
    • Unipolar output: 0V / +150 V
    • Low noise
  • Product image: Strain gage amplifier DMS.X

    Strain gage amplifier DMS.X

    For operating precision strain gages e.g. for piezo based precision positioning tasks, e.g. feedback closed loop position control

  • Product image: Feedback controllers PosiCon 150/X

    Feedback controllers PosiCon 150/X

    • Complete feedback closed loop controller for piezo actuator-strain gage arrangements for closed loop precision positioning
    • Based on PIEZOMECHANIK strain gages
    • Includes strain gage amplifier, feedback electronics and piezo-voltage amplifier
    • Output -30V/+150 for max. stroke

On request

  • Electronics for non-standard piezo operating voltages up to 200 V
    e.g. SVR200/x, -50V/+200V, max. current 45 mA
    e.g. LE200/070, 0V/+200V, max.current 700 mA
  • Electronics for even more power / higher current outputs
    for highly dynamic piezo-excitation